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Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentistry

These days, dentistry involves more than restorations. Cosmetic or esthetic dentistry can renew a smile’s shine and correct flaws, like chips, gaps between teeth, overgrown gum tissue, or improper alignment of front teeth. As cosmetic dentists, Dr. Martin, Dr. Peng, and Dr. Parson use attractive dental materials that imitate natural tooth enamel when placing fillings. Our respected dental lab also uses lifelike materials, including porcelain, to create tooth-colored crowns and prosthetics. Professional-grade teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and full smile makeovers are a few of the popular procedures we perform on our image-conscious patients.

If you’d like a more attractive smile, you aren’t alone. People across the globe are turning to cosmetic dentistry for a minimally invasive way to look young and beautiful. Learn about some of our cosmetic dentistry procedures here:

Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chris Martin, Dr. Judy Peng, or Dr. Rodney Beckett at Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon. Our dental office serves patients from across Knox County, including those from Gambier, Fredericktown, Howard, and beyond.

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