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Dental Implants

Dental implants mimic Mother Nature’s design for teeth. An implant consists of a false tooth root, which is the small implant post, and a lifelike crown or denture that connects to the post. This root-and-crown structure creates strength and durability. Dental implant patients can eat hard-to-chew foods whenever they like. They can smile with confidence and speak in public knowing that their implants will not allow embarrassing slippage.

To place implants, Dr. Martin will secure titanium implant posts into the sockets left by one or more missing teeth. Jawbone naturally integrates with the biocompatible metal posts to form an anchor for the replacement tooth or teeth. Once the surgery site has healed, Dr. Martin will attach individual crowns to the posts.

If your implants will hold a denture, we can modify your existing denture or create a new one that features snaps. The implant-retained denture will snap onto abutments on the dental implant posts. Implant-retained dentures are ideal for lower dentures that feel loose or slip out of place. They provide a dependable, solid fit and a natural appearance.

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