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A bright, fresh smile can make anyone look years younger – and at Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon, we can brighten your smile dramatically and quickly. Our cosmetic dentists have researched the many professional teeth-whitening systems available today, and they unanimously decided that KoR Deep Bleaching, developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, offers the sensational results we believe you deserve. In addition to the in-office system, we offer prescription-strength home teeth whitening kits and custom-fitted mouth trays. This means that you can keep your smile bright forever!

About KoR
KoR Deep Bleaching is a potent, safe system that removes deep stains on tooth enamel. The system involves in-office and take-home teeth-whitening treatments, and no light is required. Stains from foods and beverages, aging, tobacco, and tetracycline medications can be significantly reduced or removed with KoR Deep Bleaching.

About Home Teeth Whitening
If you prefer to whiten your smile at home over the course of a few weeks, consider professional teeth-whitening kits with custom fitted mouth trays. The home kits we prescribe are more potent that those you can purchase over the counter. Simply wear your gel-lined trays as directed, and your teeth will gradually whiten over the course of about two weeks. Keep your custom trays and reorder bleaching gel from our office whenever you need a touch up.

Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chris Martin, Dr. Judy Peng, or Dr. Rodney Beckett at Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon. Our dental office serves patients from across Knox County, including those from Gambier, Fredericktown, Howard, and beyond.

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