Mini Dental Implants

Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon

What is a Mini Dental Implant?

Mini implants are quite similar to regular dental implants, but they are smaller than traditional implants. Mini dental implants include two parts. A small titanium post is inserted into a person’s jawbone. This post consists of a small titanium post that has a ball and socket with an O-ring. This apparatus is used to attach a dental crown that is about two to three millimeters in size. If you don’t want a conventional restoration or if you don’t have an average amount of jawbone for a standard dental implant, a mini implant may be just what you need to have a tooth replaced.

How are Mini Implants Used?

Mini implants are used to replace teeth like:

  • Upper and lower dentures.
  • Crowns.
  • Bridges.

What are the Advantages of Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants can be put in place in one appointment, unlike standard sized implants. Most of the people who have mini implants placed only need local anesthesia, and don’t require any sutures. Plus, mini dental implants can be used to eat on the same day they are placed. Mini dental implants can be cleaned just like your regular teeth by brushing them twice per day and flossing them as you’d floss your natural teeth.

Dr.Martin can help you decide whether mini implants are right for your situation, so contact his office today for a consultation.