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Teeth Whitening services offered in Mount Vernon, OH

Teeth whitening provides a quick, convenient, and affordable way to eliminate stains and discoloration. At Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon in Mount Vernon, Ohio, dentists Chris Martin, DDS, Judy Peng, DDS, and the team offer in-office teeth whitening to adults. A single outpatient procedure can eliminate years of buildup, transforming your smile. Call the office today to request a teeth whitening consultation or book online.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a quick, in-office procedure that uses hydrogen peroxide gel or another similar solution to remove stains from the surfaces of your teeth. 

Undergoing a professional teeth whitening treatment at Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon provides longer-lasting results than over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and/or take-home teeth whitening trays.

Why do teeth change color?

Everyone’s teeth change color because of the natural aging process. Daily activities, such as biting and chewing, cause your tooth enamel to wear down, revealing more of the yellow dentin underneath.

Other things that may cause tooth stains and discoloration include:

  • Using tobacco
  • Drinking beverages like red wine, cola, and coffee
  • Taking certain prescription medications
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Trauma

You might also develop stains because of the foods that you eat. For example, tomato-based sauces and curries are notorious for discoloring teeth.

What does teeth whitening treatment involve?

At Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon, the providers complete teeth whitening treatments in-office.

First, your provider reviews your dental records, conducts an oral exam, and takes a series of X-rays, checking for cavities and gum disease. If your mouth is healthy, you qualify for teeth whitening treatment.

Your provider covers your tongue and gums with a protective dam and applies a hydrogen peroxide gel to each of your teeth. After about 20 minutes, your provider points a special light at your teeth, triggering a whitening reaction. They repeat these same steps several times until you’re happy with the results.

After treatment, your dentist provides care instructions and explains how to prevent the stains from coming back.

Are the results of teeth whitening treatment long-lasting?

Professional teeth whitening results typically last 4-6 months,* but you can extend them by practicing good oral hygiene. Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon recommends brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting the office every six months for preventive dental care.

You can also minimize stains by quitting smoking and drinking dark beverages through a straw.

Call Contemporary Dental Care of Mt. Vernon to request a teeth whitening consultation today, or click the online booking feature.

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