Root Canals/Endodontics

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Root Canals – Endodontics

Root canals, also known as endodontics, are commonly performed dental procedures. They are needed when one or more teeth have a nerve that has been impacted by decay or trauma. Root canals are done quickly and easily at the comfort of the patient.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is performed in the dental office and involves taking out the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is what contains the nerves of the tooth and this procedure is needed if the pulp is affected in any way. Root canals not only remove this pulp, but they also involve filling the canals of the tooth with a medicated material.

When is it Needed?

There are several reasons for why the dentist may recommend having a root canal performed. Having an exam as well as x-ray of the area is crucial in determining if a root canal is right for you. Some of the reasons to have a root canal performed include:

  • Decay has reached the pulp of the tooth
  • A crack, break or fracture has exposed the pulp of the tooth
  • There has been trauma to the tooth

What to Expect

Root canals done in the office are quick and easy. The procedure involves numbing the area, removing the pulp of the tooth and then filling in the canals with a medicated material. Any holes, cracks or fractures in the tooth are then filled with composite filling material.

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